Acer Aspire s3 Laptop Launch


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The event was opened by the president director of Homeland acer group, jason lim. Jason lim convey, acer aspire s3 ultrabook that combines the performance of Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah Terbaik – Ultrabook Thin Notebook Low Prices The best & practicality of the tablet. Ultrabook is so urgent to market acer Homeland, even at the same time inaugurated on acer hq in taiwan.

David Lee, assistant vice president of mobile computing business unit acer inc. presentation began with the evolution of digital computing world. increased long made technology increases efficiency and increased shrink, and will continue to evolve – until increases more affordable and not difficult to achieve.

aspire combines s3 komputansi & instant access to user-experience kinyis kinyis for customers. in collaboration with Intel, Acer provides connectivity so quickly, only 2.5 seconds to acquire wireless network. Coupled with a battery that has high durability – packaged in a laptop is so thin.

David Lee also demonstrate the direct green acer instant on technology, the laptop can be functionalized on the occasion of 2 seconds.

“We revolutionized the PC industry in the past. Acer will continue to lead innovation in the mobile arena addressing user experiences. “- david lee

Rico Gunawan, sr. Homeland pc acer brand manager david lee connect presentation. aspire s3 have a size keyboard and monitor (13 “) is ideal for daily work. weighing only 1.35 kg and the thinness of 13 mm, this laptop is so portable. Light weight aluminum material was supported by a sturdy & has a high durability.

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Other technologies developed in the s3 acer airflow innovation – the exhaust at the back of the laptop, not below like a conventional notebook and additional circulation on the sidelines of the keyboard, acer aspire s3 still comfortable to use on your lap or on even when it reaches the top of the bed though .

Tom Kilroy, Intel senior vice manager, do a quick video conference hopefully for laptop acer aspire s3 and hopefully launch a complete and personalized laptop it will be a success in the ultra product Homeland.

ajay Mathur, sea mnc intel director of technology delivering customer expectations continue to grow from opportunity to opportunity. because they will be, now it is time editing experience for customers – that ill just offer the thinness and lightness as a feature – nevertheless deliver performance, responsiveness, security and optimal battery endurance to the wearer.

for the happy mainstream gaming, intel processors in s3 aspire to accommodate the needs of TSB.

ajay on this occasion to congratulate acer this technology ever released for the first time. Intel will continue to invest in these ecosystems as Intel’s commitment to provide excellent user experience for consumers.

The public was so enthusiastic about this product inquire aspire s3. This laptop security answer, david lee & jason lim suggested that magnesium alloy material which is owned aspire s3 so strong & reliable.

Similarly, a 50-day battery life in a state of deep sleep which is good news for the Notebook. Jason lim underlines that acer have a battery for a one yr warranty so customers will not have to worry about it.

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Indonesia also will be the first country that will receive shipments from acer, acer as a reflection of global optimism in the market for this product Homeland.

This event closed with a door prize s3 acer aspire to the public that enjoys success s3 acer aspire first time in the Homeland.

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