Acer Aspire S3: Notebook with cutting edge design


This paper is written just to tell some things about the Acer Aspire to S3: Notebook with cutting edge design. ee careful look at these reviews can make a clear understanding in how to think on thee Acer Aspire S3: Notebook with cutting edge design.

Elegant, modern, efficient – a combination that obtained from the design of acer aspire s3. designed in detail and carefully, this laptop features a solid is allowed to complete in only 13 mm thickness.

The thing is the ultrathin thickness of 13 mm from the thinnest, 17, 55 mm from the side with dimensions of 323.0 x tertebal 218.5 mm. The simple design with a reduction in order to display the essence of color and decoration and the indicators show only mainstay. integrated lcd, lcd into a single unit with the body for maximum thinness. to reduce the thickness of the metal structure and protect all components. multimedia support features. in it there is hdmi slot, multimedia card, also Dolby ® home theater ® v4 and acer crystal eye webcam hd 1 .3 mp. design for every combination of aluminum alloy eye and magnesium aluminum alloy which is implemented in certain parts in order to highlight the character. surface of the metal finishing so ill fingerprint imprint. large touchpad with a chicklet keyboard simplify the overall minimalist look.

thermal design innovation

acer aspire s3 designed for highly mobile users, because the thermal element becomes an important aspect for added comfort. on the palm rest and touchpad area, there are morbidly hot components so that the user is allowed always comfortable in the use of keyboard and navigate.

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Besides these there are also innovative airflow technology, dump the hot air exhaust to the rear instead of down like a conventional laptop, plus the sidelines of a keyboard that is allowed to absorb the air – the current users unremitting ill feeling hot lap at Thin Notebook Ultrabook Best Cheap Price (Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah Terbaik), even in a long time.

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