Business Maturity Metland


PT Metropolitan Land Tbk abbreviated Metland is established on February 16, 1994 and began operations on October 28, 1994. Metland focuses on housing development and neutralization investment fellowship komersial.Sejak 2004 Singapore, Reco Newtown Pte cement Metland that exhibit increasing confidence of the stakeholder.Pada 2004 Metland win certificates of ISO 9001: 2008 from URS (United Registrar system) as an official acknowledgment that Metland has achieved International standards on acquisition charge systems.

Metland is a neutralization development fellowship ranging from residential commercial buildings, shopping centers, apartments, shops, offices up hotels close more than 20 years suffer in the field of commercial neutralization development. Metland (Metland Rumah Idaman Investasi Masa Depan)shape acquisition housing and prevent cause a familiar environment and happy close the concept of green growing.

Everyone has the love up admit a abode sendiri. Housing in PT Metropolitan Land Tbk a fancy house that is equipped close primed up repair your affairs volatile close the availability of changeable facilities such as schools of righteous acquisition and beloved, sedulur sport facilities, recreational culinary, business and banking facilities and sports facilities .

Disembark prices advance up flourish every year so buy a house in PT Metropolitan Land Tbk is the equitable choice up invest as for it is in a strategic location. Geographically widely separated Metland residential location in the greater Jakarta area . Located in a strategic location close arrogant growth rates as for it is engulf up Metropolitan Mall, Hotel Horison Bekasi, Illustrious Metropolitan and motorway passage. Buying a abode in PT Metropolitan Land Tbk is an investment total the advenient.

Experience in providing the quiescence neutralization, as a known developer and Trusted, Metland has over 20 years in the field of residential and commercial properties. This triumph is primarily appropriate up our might up prepare the quiescence neutralization products total customer satisfaction. Metland foraye repair a solemn difficulty in presenting the concept of acquisition in edifice every neutralization.

Integrated facilities, accessibility and happy growing environment desire surrender you more era up possess close the sedulur at abode posterior a era spent outdoors.

Metland Projects

Metland Menteng, Metland Tambun, Metland Cibitung, Hotel Horison Bekasi, Waterland, @HOM Hotel Tambun, Horison Grand Metropolitan Bekasi, Hotel Horison Seminyak Bali , Metland Hotel Cirebon.

Geographically, the location of housing and projects scattered throughout Greater Metland. Different location likewise allows Metland up supply the enclosing environment.

Metland prepare housing total middle-class market, ranging from medial, medial up upper-middle grade. Scattered locations in Greater Jakarta. Commercial neutralization engulf up the location has a arrogant growth inherent include: Metropolitan Mall, Hotel Horison Bekasi, and Illustrious Metropolitan which is conveniently located related the exit of the West Bekasi mall rental rate exceeds 90% and above 80% hotel. Other commercial projects including a budget hotel close the denomination @HOM Tambun, and a trivial shopping center called Plaza Metropolitan is located in certain of the housing projects Metland ie Metland Tambun and Horison Hotel is built in Bali Seminyak.

Common of the force strengths Metland is up hold a competent charge team that mostly has more than 25 years of suffer in the neutralization pains in Indonesia . This is the basis of the appearance of worthy a known developer Metland and reliable.

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