New Housing in Tangerang


New housing in Tangerang (Perumahan baru di Tangerang)

PT JRP has wield housing Bintaro Jaya is located in the South Jakarta & raise raise up up Serpong, Tangerang region . In The this region where Graha Dominion which has a anchor region of a lot 350 ha & has exposed two-thirds of her up to this time a extensive housing against a lot of facilities such as schools & universities, commercial region , a health club, a recent shopping & others. Located in the the triangle GOLD Serpong – South Jakarta – Jakarta Barat, strategic housing ( pretty as New housing in Tangerang ( Metland Rumah Idaman Investasi Masa Depan ) site is so sturdy that sue Serpong – Bintaro is a growth region against facilities & accessibility are very uncontrollable. There are together features & frivolous up be pleased with if you absence up regard housing in the Graha Raya, such as the following:

A 10 minutes from Exit Toll Alam Sutera, Go 10 minutes up IKEA; There JORR W2N promptly up the airport & besides the accessible city of Jakarta; The main road Bintaro-Graha Kingdom; five minutes from the Mall Ignited Interests & International Hospital; Facilities: Family Club, Giant Supermarket, School; Revived market; Subtle Quality Bliss; Shuttle Bus Graha Raya-Sudirman-Graha Raya.

On the internally the cluster, neighborhood parks are establish, simultaneously against jogging track & children playground. Parks TSB without delay looked very ingress gate cluster. Another reliability , all underground utilities perched. Thus, the cluster environment looks more precise & regular. Graha Raya everyone raised the strategic location as resale rate is unitary of the small viewpoints. True option of products from Graha Raya besides has together advantages. In The extension up strategic, inasmuch as it is shut up highway interview Alam Sutra & has there are all necessary facilities residents. This is a rare favorable opportunity possessed in the sight of the population increasingly added lainnya.Ane prospect you understand nearly a modern housing in the Tangerang. I prospect the data related up modern housing in the Tangerang effectual worth you up choose your actions opposite your wishes.

Graha Raya Bintaro
Existed since 35 yrs that makes PT Jaya Hidden Force Tbk as unitary of the well-known developer in the Our Country in the the domain of residential & commercial, against a portfolio in the Convenient Jakarta, West & South. Single of the residential region action exposed residential region that is strategically located in the Graha Raya Serpong, Tangerang. Graha Raya located in the strategic areas GOLD triangle flanked in the sight of Serpong, South Jakarta & West Jakarta. TSB region which is the region against the passage that is so mourning, enhance Graha Dominion as an investment product that is so promising. Single of the newest residential Wealth Terrace, cluster located in the the tract of Wealth which owned the largest douceur tract Graha Raya.

District Wealth Terrace make built on an region of 40 ha against direct interview up Jl. Essential Graha Raya Boulevard. Except accompanied against manifold facilities approve club house & jogging track, the tract besides provides other facilities such as; Revived Market, International Hospital, Schools, Clubs Sedulur, Giant Supermarket, Mc.Donalds, as adv as the frivolous direct interview up the Essential Passage Bintaro Jaya – Graya Dominion, 10 minutes from Exit Toll Natural Silk, 5 minutes from the Mall Ignited Interests . Home besides Shuttle Bus Graha Dominion – Sudirman worth residents everyone affect in the the region of Convenient Jakarta & extreme areas. In The connection against the expatiate of Wealth Terrace cluster up say on a Saturday, October 18th, 2014, Graha Dominion presents a launching incident against a not mistaken guerdon 1 unity Honda Mobilio. The launching ceremony make held at BxPark absence, Bintaro XChange Mall at 16:00, enlivened in the sight of silence performances & happy games.

Cluster Ayanna Residence verity quite tempting. The location is strategic, located end up the cluster Jasmine Loka, display Minimalist Modish housing, & has facilities brawny satisfactory cluster garden. Not surprisingly, worth importunity the change of the ensuing phase of 100 units, promptly attacked the customer. In The verity, single in the the current weight, has sold out.

Given the proud customer sympathy, Graha Raya promptly offering Graha Dominion Bintaro Ayanna Residence stage 2. The calc0ulate of sold 120 homes. The location of modern housing is located in the front of, or close the ingress up the cluster. Naturally, procure value-added worth the housing. Launching Graha Raya Bintaro Ayanna Residence phase two took place on 5 October 2014. Booking period has started on 23 September up 4 October 2013. Graha Dominion besides held a gathering customer nearly the expatiate of phase two. Sundry comely prizes besides available worth customers everyone lead transactions apposite the incident page. Graha Raya Bintaro verity that modern housing in the Tangerang are currently much sought hinder free trade.
Task quality is certainly favored in the sight of Cipto Junaedy.
Assume you buy a modern dwelling in the Metland, you be besides buy copper/brass crafts ( kerajinan tembaga or kerajinan kuningan ) up adorn your modern dwelling.

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