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Promotion is an offer services to potential consumers.
Promotion aims is that potential consumers are interested in buying or using services offered. So that manufacturers are expected to get increased sales and profit / earnings. With Promotion also expected to form the image of the product/service in the eyes of consumers and are also expected to change the perceptions of consumers.

Media many Promotions and we can use them simultaneously for funding available. We can use e-mail, sms, talk directly, blogs, magazines, newspapers, advertising on the roadside etc.

Promotion of the development of Republic of Indonesia (Promo Indonesia) (Promo Member Alfamart Minimarket Lokal Terbaik Indonesia) is also quite fast. Even, since a growing number of non goverment television, non goverment radio and IT development Promotion in Republic of Indonesia can not be dammed. A lot of industries engaged in the marketing so that can empower the unemployed.

Known in the promotion strategy mix (4P), namely Product, Place, Promotion and Price. The goal of promotion in a industry is a industry that product that high benefit.

Not wrong if other person tells that there are industries on the cutting edge of promotion. Think if a company is able to create a nice enough but the company can not sell the goods to the public! Of course the company will lose profit. Therefore the require for promotion division.

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