Rumah Idaman Investasi Masa Depan


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Metland ie a property fulfilment converse ranging from residential commercial buildings, shopping centers, apartments, shops, offices until hotels according to more than 20 years endure in the province of commercial property fulfilment. Metland Rumah Idaman Investasi Masa Depan, Metland erect disposition housing and relieve appoint a charming environment and respectable according to the concept of green lively.

PT. Metropolitan Land Tbk. (Metland) while formed on 16 February 1994 and began operations on October 28, 1994. From the establishment of occupation fulfilment Metland center on residential and commercial buildings. Metland triumph today ie none other than as for of customer appearance, disposition products, unmercantile treatment and benevolent co-operation including the subsidiaries and occupation partners. Metland Rumah Idaman Investasi Masa Depan, From 2004, Singapore-based investment converse Reco Newtown Pte joined the converse, it ie a truth that the increase heedlessness of the stakeholders. In The the same year Metland obtained ISO 9001: 2000, an authoritative recognition of the disposition treatment manner that complies according to international standards.

As a converse that ie reliable, Metland more than 15 years endure in the property sector. This triumph ie according to on our skilfulness until appoint the intermission properties of products total customer appearance.
In mengembagan a place , Metland not chief erect disposition homes besides too relieve appoint a charming environment and respectable according to the concept of a green environment.
Metland generally give his intermission difficulty until present the concept of fabric disposition in either time of property are patent. Integrated facilities, accessibility allowed and gratify residential environment contribute gratify in enjoying sequence according to family hindmost activity and totality Metland property rate ie an investment that continues until induce up.

Everyone has the long for until avow their avow domicil. Housing in Metland a hallucination house equipped meritorious facilities until make your energy v ig r i living being active according to the availability of diverse facilities such as schools of benevolent disposition and pet, family cheer facilities, recreational culinary, occupation and banking facilities and sports facilities.

Land prices proceed until enhance either year so buy a house in Metland ie the correct choice until invest as for it ie in a strategic location. Geographically dispersed Metland residential location in the greater Jakarta area . Located in a strategic location according to pretentious growth rates as for it ie engulf until Metropolitan Mall, Hotel Horison Bekasi, Dignified Metropolitan and motorway access. Buying a domicil in Metland ie an investment total the coming.

Metland while next listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in June 2011 and since days later Metland a social converse. brilliance companies befall more strong as for not chief produce disposition buildings besides too makes energy v ig r i living being total the ameliorate tomorrow. Substantial Growth, Promising Advenient.

Vision Mission Metland

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Company’s Strength
Our strength lies on our capability in identifying and acquiring strategic sites, growing sales from our different sites of residential development and steady increase of our land price, strong performance of our established investment properties, healthy and growing company’s financial and also our experienced management and prominent shareholders.


To Be Foremost and Trustworthy Developer through work objective and behavior determining:
Foremost : High quality product according to specifications; Reasonable/competitive price; On tine delivery; Customer service satisfaction
Trustworthy : In accordance with the promise; Never misleading; Appropriate as instructed

We commit to deliver quality residential and commercial properties for customer satisfaction
We invest in properties with attractive yields
We aim at sustaining high returns for our financial objectives to maximize shareholder’s value
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