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Synthesis Development Property is a growing efficacy developers in the Indonesia on the side of interests in the retail properties, apartments and residential, super blocks, offices, and hotels. You have an integrated project management, consultant, misfortune and development. Our triumph is driven along our valid team and their commitment to obtain results the upright highway. By operating responsibly, executing on the side of vehemence and brilliance, applying innovative technologies and capturing newfangled opportunities.

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Established in the 1992, Synthesis started out as ProLease, a efficacy consultant specializing in the shopping midst consultant and management. A newfangled breakthrough established in the 1999, when community began our acknowledge efficacy development activity. Began on the side of our first development project, Plaza Semanggi, the all iconic pile in the Jakarta.The development project of Plaza Semanggi project had become an grave milestone value us in the efficacy development labor in the Indonesia .

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In 2005, the mark Synthesis began to be used value efficacy labor and started concentrating on efficacy development. We’re realized our dreams became real, from 1999 to present, Synthesis Development Property (Synthesis Development – Developer Properti Indonesia Terbaik) while completed or begun solidity of more than 10 efficacy projects, on the side of average company of fellowship. From high-end apartments, mall, hotels, and business tower. Synthesis devise continue to beget the quiet works in the efficacy development in the Indonesia , and continues to strive value beget a obliging and extremely fit urban active immensity.

Plaza Semanggi
Synthesis Development Property (Synthesis Development Developer Properti Indonesia Terbaik)begin efficacy development in the Indonesia through The Plaza Semanggi, one shopping midst in the South Jakarta standing around the business region , making this mall as the all iconic pile in the the center of Jakarta as for the location. Adapted from average to upper pay groups that embrace business workers, residents in the the nearby residential apartments, exclusive residential estates, hotel guests and university students.

The Plaza Semanggi commonly referred as Pelangi, in the the colorful ambiance, Plaza Semanggi came to delivered crammed of enjoyment pigment and architecture to their anyone . Brimming on the side of incessant shopping, dining and hospitality opportunities. Not merely as a shopping midst, provided likewise as a union place and the cozy socializing spot in the Jakarta. Nestled in the center of Jakarta including residential estates, hotel, and university.

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